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Last updated on May 30, 2023
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Activate is currently available on the Hevo user interface only for users who have existing Activations. Further, effective July 18, 2023, Activate is available only for the HubSpot and Salesforce Targets. For more information, please contact Hevo Support or your account executive.

Hevo’s No-Code Activations help you to easily replicate data from your data warehouses to a Target CRM application database. You can customize the data replication process by selecting the appropriate synchronization behaviours during Activation creation.

An Activation synchronizes data from your Warehouse with the Target object. Each run of the Activation progresses through the following three stages in which it identifies the records from the data warehouse, transforms, and loads them to the Target:

  1. Ingestion: The Activation run starts in the Ingestion stage as a part of which, the Activation SQL query is performed. The records to be synchronized with the Target object are also identified and fetched in this stage.

  2. Transformation: In the Transformation stage, the records from the Warehouse that are to be synchronized are transformed as per the Target object schema. This stage is marked as complete when it triggers the Loading stage.

  3. Loading: In the Loading stage, the transformed records are uploaded to the staging location and then synchronized with the Target object. The end of the Loading stage marks the completion of the Activation run.

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