Workflows allow defining dependencies between your Models by allowing to you create a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) from within Hevo.

You can navigate to the Workflows section by clicking the WORKFLOWS link on the left navigation bar.

View Workflow Details

A list of existing Workflows is shown in the pane that appears on clicking Workflows link on the left navigation bar. Click on a Workflow to show details of the same.

The Workflow details page shows you the following details in the header section at the top of the page:

  • Name of the Workflow

  • Current status of the Workflow

  • The last run time of the Workflow

  • The frequency at which the Workflow is refreshed.

Workflows Pane Filters and Sorting

  • From the Workflows pane, you are able to filter the Workflows based on the status of Workflows

  • And you can sort the Workflows based on alphabetical order and runtimes.

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Last updated on 14 Dec 2021