SQL Models

Last updated on May 30, 2023

Hevo Models help you transform the data loaded by Hevo Pipelines in the Destination warehouse into a form conducive for a BI tool to perform analytics and reporting.

Hevo allows you to leverage the SQL query capability of the data warehouse to build the required data model (dimensions and facts). You can define a Hevo Model using an SQL query (SELECT query) to leverage this capability. At runtime, Hevo executes the query against the data warehouse, and the results are exported to another table in the warehouse. A complex SQL query (including joins, aggregates) can also be written for more complex requirements. Hevo supports all the query capabilities offered by your data warehouse.

Several new features have been introduced in Models in Release 1.44. To leverage these features in designing and using Models, you can update your legacy Models to the new version of Models. Read about Updating Legacy Models.

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