How do I filter deleted Events from the Destination?

Last updated on May 30, 2023

Events deleted at Source have the value of the boolean column, __hevo__marked_deleted, set to True in the Destination. You can filter these Events by creating a Model using the __hevo__marked_deleted column. To do this, use the following query in your Model:

FROM table_name
WHERE __hevo__marked_deleted = false

where table_name is the Destination table containing all Source Events. For more information, read Creating a Model.

After you run the Model, the Destination table has only those Events that are existing in the Source table.

Note: This method works only for database Sources having Pipelines in Logical Replication mode. For non-database Sources and database Pipelines in other modes (Table and Custom SQL mode), you must manually delete the Events from the Destination table.

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