Modifying a Pipeline

Some Pipeline settings and Source and Destination settings can be modified even after Pipeline creation. For example, you can:

  • Change the Pipeline schedule. Read Scheduling a Pipeline. These changes take effect on the next run of the Pipeline.

  • Change object-level settings to include or skip the objects, pause or restart the historical load, or change the position of the last ingested Event, from the Pipeline Overview page. These changes take effect immediately.

  • Modify the Source and Destination configuration. Read Modifying the Source and Destination Configuration. Hevo uses the new configuration to connect to the Source or Destination in the next ingestion or load cycle respectively.

Modifying the Source and Destination Configuration

You can modify only some of the Source and Destination settings. The settings that cannot be modified are disabled.

To modify the Source or Destination configuration:

  1. In the Pipelines Detailed View:

    • Click the Gear icon next to the Source name to edit Source configuration.

      Edit Source settings

    • Click the Gear icon next to the Destination name to edit Destination configuration.

      Edit Destination settings

  2. In the hover window that appears, click the Edit icon.

  3. In the respective Edit Connection Settings page, modify the required settings. The settings that cannot be modified are disabled.
    If you do not want to proceed with making the changes, click the Back button in the browser to return to the Pipeline Detailed View.

  4. Click SAVE for Source settings and TEST CONNECTION followed by SAVE DESTINATION for Destination settings.

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