Facebook Page Insights

Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

Facebook Pages uses Facebook’s Marketing API to fetch insights data for a Facebook page as a whole (such as followers and impressions), and for page posts (such as likes, shares, comments, and video plays). You can replicate the data of one or multiple Facebook pages, including details such as posting and activity history, page insights including page views, post impressions, and insights on posted stories/Ads to a Destination database or data warehouse using Hevo Pipelines.

Note: From Release 2.19.3, Hevo has upgraded to v18.0 of the Marketing API. You may need to reauthorize Hevo for existing Pipelines. Refer to section, Configuring Facebook Pages as a Source for the authorization steps.

The Facebook Pages admin user must authorize Hevo to access the Facebook Pages APIs for reading the page and posts-related insights data for the selected pages.

Note: The data is ingested only for posts made by the page owner.


  • The post data and metrics are ingested and uploaded only for the past 90 days due to Facebook Pages API limitations.

  • All page data is limited to the past two years due to Facebook Pages API limitations.

    Note: To fetch data for daily_page or unique_page metrics for a period more than three months, change the position of the object to any past date up till two years from the current date, in the Pipeline Overview page.

Revision History

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Mar-05-2024 2.21 Updated the ingestion frequency table in the Data Replication section.
Jan-29-2024 2.19.3 Added a note in the page overview about the Marketing API v18.0 update.
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Oct-03-2023 NA Updated the section, Configuring Facebook Pages as a Source as per the latest Facebook UI.
Feb-20-2023 NA Updated section, Configuring Facebook Pages as a Source to update the information about historical sync duration.
Sep-05-2022 NA Updated section, Data Replication to reorganize the content for better understanding and coherence.
Dec-06-2021 1.77 Updated the Data Model section to correct the definitions of Lifetime Post Metrics and Unique Page Metrics.
Oct-25-2021 NA Added the Pipeline frequency information in the Data Replication section.
Jul-26-2021 NA Added a note in the Overview section about Hevo providing a fully-managed Google BigQuery Destination for Pipelines created with this Source.

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