Release Version 2.25

Last updated on Jul 08, 2024

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This release note also includes the fixes provided in all the minor releases since 2.24.

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Custom Thumbnail Size for Ad Creatives in Facebook Ads (Added in Release 2.24.2)

    • Enhanced the Facebook Ads integration to allow specifying a range (1-65000) to fetch thumbnails of up to size 65000x65000 in pixels. You can specify the height and width while configuring Facebook Ads as a Source in your Pipeline. Thus, this feature enables you to fetch thumbnails that exceed the default size of 64x64 pixels. The thumbnail URL in the Ad Creatives object provides the thumbnail.

      Set Thumbnail Size

      Read Configuring Facebook Ads as a Source.

  • Migration to v19.0 of the Facebook Marketing API

    • Effective Release 2.25, the Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and Instagram Business integrations use v19.0 of the Marketing API to fetch your data. Pipelines created with Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, or Instagram Business do not require any action from the user.

      However, for Facebook Pages, the new API version has removed the following Page Insights metrics:

      Note: Hevo does not ingest any new data for these metrics, so the corresponding Destination tables are also not updated.

      Page Insights Category Page Insights Metrics
      Page Video Views - page_video_views_10s
      - page_video_views_10s_paid
      - page_video_views_10s_organic
      - page_video_views_10s_autoplayed
      - page_video_views_10s_click_to_play
      - page_video_views_10s_unique
      - page_video_views_10s_repeat
      Page Video Posts - post_video_views_10s
      - post_video_views_10s_unique
      - post_video_views_10s_autoplayed
      - post_video_views_10s_clicked_to_play
      - post_video_views_10s_organic
      - post_video_views_10s_paid
      - post_video_views_10s_sound_on

      This change applies to all new and existing Pipelines created with Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, or Instagram Business as the Source.

  • Streaming Pipelines for Database Sources (Added in Release 2.24.2)

    • Provided the option of converting your log-based Pipelines to streaming mode, where Hevo continuously ingests data from your JDBC database Source and loads it to your Destination. To enable streaming for your log-based Pipelines, you need to contact the Hevo Sales team. Further, to ensure data consistency between the data in the Source and Destination tables the maximum ingestion frequency for log-based Pipelines created with most database Sources has been reduced to 12 hours. Read the Data Replication section in your Source documentation for this information.

      Contact Sales

  • Support for Availability Group in SQL Server Source (Added in Release 2.24.1)

    • Enhanced the SQL Server integration to support creating Pipelines with an SQL Server instance, which has the Always On availability group(AG) functionality enabled. This enhancement allows you to configure one of the secondary databases in the AG as a Source in your Hevo Pipeline.

      To avail this feature for your team, you need to contact Hevo Support. When the Support team enables the feature for you, you must select the Set Application Intent Read Only option while configuring your Hevo Pipeline.

      Set Application Intent Read Only

      Enabling this option allows Hevo to connect seamlessly to your secondary database and ingest data from it instead of your primary database instance.

  • Upgraded Klaviyo v2 as a Source (Added in Release 2.24.2)

    • Integrated Klaviyo v2, an upgraded version of Klaviyo, as a Source in Hevo. It uses the latest Klaviyo API version v2024-02-15, which contains new and enhanced capabilities. Effective June 30, 2024, the older Klaviyo Source will be sunset. As a result, Pipeline creation using this Source will be disabled, and existing Pipelines will be paused. You need to create new Pipelines using Klaviyo v2 to ensure a smooth transition.

      Klaviyo v2

      Read Klaviyo v2.

Fixes and Improvements

Refer to this section for the list of fixes and improvements implemented from Release 2.24.1 to 2.25.


  • Faster Ingestion from BigCommerce Source (Fixed in Release 2.24.1)

    • Improved the data ingestion process for the Orders object in BigCommerce by introducing pagination to avoid delays while reading data from it. The enhanced process comprises:

      • Increased Page Size: Hevo now sets the page size parameter to ingest up to 250 records in each Pipeline run. If more than 250 records are received, Hevo paginates the response and continues reading data till it gets an empty page. Earlier, Hevo ingested only 50 records per run, which is the default page size for the Orders API in BigCommerce.

      • Offset Management: Hevo now maintains an offset based on the updated_at field of the last received record. The offset allows Hevo to determine the starting point for subsequent pages, as the Orders API does not provide a next-page offset.

      This fix applies to new and existing Pipelines.

  • Handling Data Mismatch Issues in PostgreSQL Sources

    • Removed the logic implemented to optimize data ingestion for long-running queries, as it was unable to correctly identify the updated data from the write-ahead logs. This issue occurred in PostgreSQL Source (all variants) when the records were updated shortly after being inserted into the Source object, which led to a mismatch between the Source and Destination data.

      If you encounter a data mismatch issue, contact Hevo Support to turn off the functionality for your Pipelines.

  • Handling Data Ingestion Issues in Zendesk Source

    • Improved the incremental data ingestion process for the Tickets object to address the following issues:

      • Delayed Data Ingestion: If the API rate limit was exceeded during data ingestion, Hevo deferred data ingestion for 30 minutes, which led to a delay in reading data from the Tickets object. To fix this issue, Hevo has reduced the data deferment period from 30 minutes to 3 minutes, as the API rate limit resets after a minute.

      • Missed Column in the Comments Table: The ticket_id column, which was missed while upgrading from the Zendesk API v1 to v2, has been added to the Comments table in the Destination. As the default response received from the Zendesk Comments API does not contain the ticket_id column, its inclusion allows users to map comments to their respective tickets easily, thus enhancing data usability and analysis.

      These fixes are applicable to Pipelines created after Release 1.95.

  • Handling Data Mismatch Issues for Users Object in Pipedrive (Fixed in Release 2.24.2)

    • Fixed an issue in the Pipedrive integration, where the API used to fetch incremental data from the Users object led to a mismatch between the Source and Destination data. This issue occurred because the API did not fetch data for deactivated users. To fix this issue, Hevo now ingests data from the Users object in the Full Load mode, ensuring data for all users, including deactivated users, is ingested.

      This fix applies to Pipelines created with Pipedrive as a Source after Release 2.24.2.

      Read Data Model.

  • Handling of Decimal Values in Oracle Source (Fixed in Release 2.24.2)

    • Fixed an issue in the Oracle integration where decimal values in a Number data type column were incorrectly rounded off in the Destination table. This issue occurred when a Number data type column in the Source was defined with no scale (number of digits to the right of the decimal point), leading to a data mismatch between the Source and Destination tables.

      This fix applies to Pipelines created with any variant of Oracle after Release 2.24.2.

  • Handling of Records Missed During Historical Load for Stripe Source (Fixed in Release 2.24.1)

    • Fixed an issue in Stripe where the loading task failed to ingest data for the last day of the specified historical load duration, resulting in data mismatch between the Source and the Destination. Hevo now correctly ingests the complete historical data for the defined period.
  • Handling Null Values in JSON Data for MySQL Source

    • Fixed an issue in the MySQL Source, where Events with NULL values in a JSON data type column were being sidelined during incremental data ingestion in a log-based Pipeline. This issue occurred when a string, such as “null”, was used to represent an empty or missing value instead of the null symbol provided by JSON.

      Contact Hevo Support to make the feature available for your log-based Pipeline created with any variant of the MySQL Source.

  • Optimizing Query Execution in Jira Cloud (Fixed in Release 2.24.2)

    • Fixed an issue whereby the query executed by Hevo for fetching data from the Issues object was unable to capture the changes in the Source data since the last ingestion. As a result, the offset maintained by Hevo to get the next batch of records became incorrect, leading to a data mismatch between the Source and the Destination data.

      Post the fix, the query fetches data in batches grouped by the updated timestamp in milliseconds, based on the Unix epoch time, instead of minutes. Further, the offset is now maintained as the ID of the last record fetched and the updated timestamp in milliseconds, as opposed to earlier, where only the updated timestamp in minutes was used.

      This fix applies only to Jira Cloud Pipelines created after Release 2.24.2. If you observe a mismatch between your Source and Destination data due to an incorrect offset, contact Hevo Support to enable the fix for your team.

  • Resolving Data Ingestion Issue for BigQuery Source (Fixed in Release 2.24.1)

    • Fixed an issue in the BigQuery integration where adding new columns with default NULL values to a Source table included in the Pipeline led to an increase in the data ingested. This issue occurred because while mapping the new columns to the Destination table, Hevo re-ingested all the data from the Source table. Now, Hevo maps the newly added Source column to the Destination table only when it identifies a change in the data for that column, thus reducing the cost incurred, the resources consumed, and the time taken for data ingestion. The earlier behavior of re-ingesting all data from the Source object when newly added columns have non-null default values remains unchanged.

      To make this fix available for your BigQuery Pipeline, you need to contact Hevo Support.

User Experience

  • Simultaneous Selection of Multiple Columns for Skipped Objects (Fixed in Release 2.24.1)

    • Fixed an issue in the user interface that prevented users from selecting multiple columns at once from the drop-down for the Unique Incrementing Append-Only (UIAO) query mode. This issue occurred when the UIAO query mode was selected for objects included in the Pipeline after its creation.

Documentation Updates

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