Instagram Business

Instagram Business is used by both content creators and businesses to publish posts and stories. You need an Instagram Business account to get insights on how these posts and stories and your account are performing.

Instagram is managed by Facebook. Therefore, each of your Instagram Business accounts must be linked to a Facebook page. However, one Facebook account may be linked to up to five Instagram Business accounts. To fetch your Instagram data, Hevo uses your Facebook login credentials to authenticate the respective Instagram Business account.

You can create Pipelines in Hevo that read your data using Instagram’s Graph API and load it to a Destination system of your choice.

For creating Pipelines using this Source, Hevo provides you a fully managed BigQuery data warehouse as a possible Destination. This option remains available till the time you set up your first BigQuery Destination irrespective of any other Destinations that you may have. With the managed warehouse, you are only charged the cost that Hevo incurs for your project in Google BigQuery. The invoice is generated at the end of each month and payment is recovered as per the payment instrument you have set up. You can now create your Pipeline and directly start analyzing your Source data. Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery.


Configuring Instagram Business as a Source

Perform the following steps to configure Instagram Business as a Source in Hevo:

Step 1. Add an Instagram Business account

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.

  2. Click + CREATE in the Pipelines List View.

  3. In the Select Source Type page, select Instagram Business.

  4. In the Configure your Instagram Business account page, click + ADD INSTAGRAM BUSINESS ACCOUNT.

    Add new account

  5. Log in to Instagram using the Facebook account linked to your Instagram Business account(s). Hevo uses Facebook login to connect to the linked Instagram Business account.

  6. Select the Instagram Business account(s) whose data you want to replicate and click Next.

    Note: Only the Instagram Business account(s) linked to a Facebook page are available for selection.

    Select accounts

  7. For the Instagram Business account(s) you selected in the previous step, select the corresponding Facebook page(s), and then, click Next.

    Select Facebook pages

  8. Enable all the four options to authorize Hevo to access the data and click Done.

    Allow Access

  9. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.

    Click OK

The Instagram Business account is successfully added in Hevo.

Step 2. Configure the Instagram Business Source settings

  1. In the Configure your Instagram Business Source page, specify the following:

    Test & Continue

    • Pipeline Name: A unique name for the Pipeline, not exceeding 255 characters.

    • Instagram Business account: Select the Instagram Business accounts. Default: All.

      Note: Only the Instagram Business accounts for which you have selected the linked Facebook pages are available for selection.

    • Historical Sync Duration: The duration for which the past data must be ingested. Default: 1 Year.

  2. Click TEST & CONTINUE.

  3. Proceed to configuring the data ingestion and setting up the Destination.

Creating an Instagram Business account

You can convert your personal Instagram profile to a business account to access the features that enable you to grow your business.

NOTE: Skip this section if you already have an Instagram Business account.

To switch your profile to a business account:

  1. Log in to your Instagram profile in your mobile.

  2. Click the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

  3. Click Settings.

    Note: For some accounts, the Switch to Professional Account option is listed directly under Settings.

  4. Click Account.

    Click account

  5. Click Switch to Professional Account.

  6. Click Business.

  7. Add your business details, such as, your business category and contact information.

  8. Click Done.

Linking a Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account

You must link a Facebook page to the Instagram Business account as Hevo uses a Facebook login to authenticate your Instagram Business account.

To do this:

  1. Log in to your Instagram profile using your mobile.

  2. Click Edit Profile.

  3. Under Public business information (Profile Information), click Page.

    Click page

  4. Select a page from the list of pages that you want to connect to or select Create a new Facebook Page.

  5. Follow the steps prompted by the application and click Done.

Source Considerations

  • Instagram allows you to fetch data of up to two years from the current date.

  • Instagram allows you to create a business account and link it to Facebook only via the mobile app.

  • Hevo fetches only the latest 10,000 media entities each time the media_detail object is ingested due to the constraints imposed by Instagram.

Data Replication

Default Pipeline Frequency Minimum Pipeline Frequency Maximum Pipeline Frequency Custom Frequency Range (Hrs)
10 Mins 5 Mins 24 Hrs 1-24

Note: The custom frequency must be set in hours, as an integer value. For example, 1, 2, 3 but not 1.5 or 1.75.

  • Historical Data: Hevo loads all the objects based on the historical sync duration specified during Pipeline creation.

  • Incremental Data: Once the historical data ingestion is complete, every subsequent run of the Pipeline fetches new and updated data for the following objects:

    • user_insights_rolling_day

    • user_insights_rolling_week

    • user_insights_rolling_days28

    • media_comment_insights. This is available from Release 1.78. For existing Pipelines, full load for this object will be stopped and incremental data ingestion be started instead.

    The default ingestion frequency is 10 minutes.

  • The object media-comment-insights corresponds to the following Event Types in the Schema Mapper:

    • media_detail

    • video_insights_lifetime

    • carousel_album_insights_lifetime

    • image_insights_lifetime

Note: From Release 1.86, Hevo ingests only new and updated data for Full Load objects to optimize the quota consumption. This feature is currently available on request only. You need to contact Hevo Support to enable it for your team.

Schema and Primary Keys

The date field represents the dates in which data was generated in Instagram. However, for the object user_insights_rolling_week, it represents the last date of the 7-day duration for which the data is aggregated. For example, if the date is 31/03/2021, then the object user_insights_rolling_week contains the aggregated data for the duration 25/03/3021 to 31/03/2021.

Hevo uses the following schema to upload the records in the Destination:

Data Model

The following tables (objects) are created in the Destination when you run the Pipeline:

Objects Description
user_detail Contains details about the Instagram business account.
page_detail Contains details about the Facebook page linked to the Instagram Business account.
user_insights_lifetime Contains aggregated insights of the account over a lifetime.
user_insights_rolling_day Contains aggregated insights of the account for the last two days.
user_insights_rolling_week Contains aggregated insights of the account for the last seven days.
user_insights_rolling_days28 Contains aggregated insights of the account for the last 28 days.
media_detail Contains details about the type of media content posted from your account.
video_insights_lifetime Contains aggregated insights for the videos posted from your account over a lifetime.
carousel_album_insights_lifetime Contains aggregated insights for the carousel albums posted from your account over a lifetime.
image_insights_lifetime Contains aggregated insights for the images posted from your account over a lifetime.
story_insights_lifetime Contains aggregated insights for the stories posted from your account over a lifetime.
comment Contains details of all the comments posted on the media posts of the account.


  • Hevo currently does not support the Hashtags object.

Revision History

Refer to the following table for the list of key updates made to this page:

Date Release Description of Change
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Apr-11-2022 1.86 Added a note in section, Data Replication to inform about optimized quota consumption for Full Load objects.
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Oct-25-2021 NA Added the Pipeline frequency information in the Data Replication section.
Sep-20-2021 1.72 - Replaced media with media_detail in the Data Replication and Data Model sections.
- Updated the section, Source Considerations to include information about the constraints imposed by Instagram on the ingestion of the media_detail object.
Jul-26-2021 NA Added a note in the Overview section about Hevo providing a fully-managed Google BigQuery Destination for Pipelines created with this Source.
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