The MySQL Pipeline with BinLog mode has been created. I see BinLog in the Overview section. However, nothing shows up in the Schema Mapper section.

Wait for some time until a few transactions are done on the database.

Hevo shows information of the tables that have registered some activity in the binary logs since the creation of the Pipeline. In the absence of any activity, neither the data nor the schema will show up.

Use the mysqlbinlog utility to read samples from the binary logs. (The mysqlbinlog is available in the mysql server package. So, you may have to install it on the client machine from which you will perform the tests.)

# Run this on an SQL prompt to get the name of the binary log files:


# Run the following on a shell to check if there is any activity in binary log:

mysqlbinlog -R -h<Host> -u<User> -p -P<Port> <latest_bin_log> | grep insert|delete|update|alter

# If there is nothing there, you probably need to wait.

If the query logging is enabled for your database server, you may refer to the logs to check if queries have been logged in the recent times.

I had created a Pipeline with BinLog ingestion mode. The data was being replicated until a few days back. However, there is not activity from a couple of days now.

This may occur due to one or more reasons.

Probable cause 1: Some configurations have changed on the database, and some of the user privileges got updated.

Resolution: Check for the messages listed in the Activity Log section of the Pipeline. Iterate over the steps from the setup guide for the MySQL variant and problems listed in this article.

Probable cause 2: The Pipeline was paused for a duration longer than the purge period of the binary log files of the MySQL server. In each poll iteration, the Hevo application reads from the offset where it had last left. If it does not find the file from which it intends to read, it stops there. When a Pipeline is paused for a long duration, it is possible that old binary log files are purged.

Resolution: In case the relevant binary log files are no longer available, you may use alternate means to re-ingest the data.

Tip: It is a good practice to keep the files for a long enough period and archive them. Before purging any file, make sure that no slave is still reading it. Note that Hevo application also behaves as a slave to your server. The document Purge Binary Logs lists a couple of good practices with regards to safely purging binary log files.

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