Last updated on Apr 25, 2024

Hevo supports the following variations of MySQL as a Source:

Refer to the required MySQL variant for the steps to configure it as a Source in your Hevo Pipeline and start ingesting data.

Handling the Unsigned Data Type

While converting the data types of the ingested data prior to replication to the Destination, some values may be truncated if they exceed the allowed limit, or the Event might fail if the value mismatches with the schema. This can happen in the MySQL database with the unsigned int type since it can hold more positive values than the signed int. For example, the 8-bit unsigned int holds 256 values, from 0 to 255, while the 8-bit signed int also holds 256 values but they range from -127 to 127. Thus, the positive range of the unsigned int (0-255) will be greater than the positive range of the signed int (0-127).

Hence, to avoid data loss, Hevo automatically updates the unsigned int to a larger signed int type. For example, an 8-bit unsigned int is promoted to a 16-bit signed int as it has more space to store the value.

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