Azure MySQL

Azure MySQL Database is an easy to set up, operate, and scale fully managed database service from Microsoft. It can automate your database management and maintenance, including routine updates, backups and security, enabling you to focusing on working with your data.

You can ingest data from your Azure MySQL database using Hevo Pipelines and replicate it to a Destination of your choice.


  • Logging in using SSL not supported. This setting is enabled by default. You can disable it as follows:

    Disable SSL

    1. Under Settings, click Connection security.

    2. In SSL Settings on the right, set the toggle option for Enforce SSL connection to DISABLED.

    3. Click Save.

  • Hevo only fetches tables from the MySQL database. It does not fetch other entities such as functions, stored procedures, views, and triggers.

    To fetch views, you can create individual Pipelines in Custom SQL mode. However, some limitations may arise based on the type of data synchronization, the query mode, or the number of Events. Contact Hevo Support for more details.

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