Last updated on Jun 15, 2023

Harvest is a cloud-based time tracking and invoice generation software designed for businesses of all sizes. Harvest is easy to integrate with the other software for your team to track time effortlessly. Businesses can use Harvest for time tracking, expense tracking, project management, billable hours tracking, task assignment, invoicing, scheduling, and more.

Harvest authenticates API requests from Hevo to access your account data with HTTP Basic authentication.

Source Considerations

  • Pagination: Each API response for each Harvest object fetches one page with up to 100 records.

  • Rate Limit: Harvest imposes a limit of a maximum of 100 API calls per 15 minutes to ensure that their system remains stable for usage by all users.


  1. Hevo does not capture information for records deleted in the Source objects.

  2. Hevo does not provide you with the option to select the historical sync duration for loading historical data. All the historical data in your Harvest account is loaded.

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