Azure Blob Storage

Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

Azure Blob Storage is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) storage platform that is scalable, secure, cost-effective, and allows you to build apps, create data lakes, and analyze the data in them. It provides a tiered storage to optimally store large amounts of data. Hevo supports data replication of structured and semi-structured data for the following file formats: AVRO, CSV, JSON, TSV, and XML.

Hevo uses the Microsoft Azure Client Library For Blob Storage version 12.17.0 for connecting to the Source and ingesting the Binary Large Objects (BLOBs or blobs) from it.

Example: Automatic Column Header Creation for CSV Tables

Consider the following data in CSV format, which has no column headers.

CLAY COUNTY,32003,11973623
CLAY COUNTY,32003,46448094
CLAY COUNTY,32003,55206893
CLAY COUNTY,32003,15333743
SUWANNEE COUNTY,32060,85751490
SUWANNEE COUNTY,32062,50972562
ST JOHNS COUNTY,846636,32033
NASSAU COUNTY,32025,88310177
NASSAU COUNTY,32041,34865452

If you disable the Treat First Row As Column Headers option, Hevo auto-generates the column headers, as shown in the schema mapper below:

Column headers generated by Hevo for CSV data

The record in the Destination appears as follows:

Destination record with auto-generated column headers


  • Hevo currently does not support deletes. Therefore, any data deleted in the Source may continue to exist in the Destination.

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