Side-by-Side Setup Guide

Last updated on Mar 08, 2022
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Hevo displays the side-by-side (SBS) setup guide to assist you in configuring the Source and the Destination for setting up a Pipeline.

This guide mentions the steps to obtain the details you need to provide in the Hevo UI for successfully configuring the Source and the Destination. The guide also mentions any limitations of the integration and any constraints and considerations applicable from the Source or the Destination.

You can share the setup guide via email with other team members to seek their help if you do not have the requisite permissions to configure the Source. Further, you can invite the team member(s) to your Hevo account if they are not already a part of it.

Note: The team member must be a part of your Hevo account to be able to configure the Pipeline.

Side by Side Setup Guide UI

To share the SBS setup guide:

  1. Click SHARE on the top right corner of the SBS setup guide. Hevo then displays the pop-up as shown below.

    Share Button Pop-up

  2. In the pop-up window that is displayed:

    1. Specify the email ID of the team member with whom you want to share the setup guide. Separate multiple email IDs with a comma.

    2. Do one of the following:

      • Select the Add the team member(s) to your Hevo account check box if you also want to invite the team member(s) to your Hevo account. If they are already members of your Hevo account, they receive a link in the mail to directly configure the Source. Else, they receive a link that lets them first join your Hevo account and then configure the Source.

        Note: When you add team members to your Hevo account, they get access to all the Pipelines present in your Hevo account.

      • Deselect the Add the team member(s) to your Hevo account check box if you want to proceed to get their help without adding them to your Hevo account.

    3. Click SHARE.

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