Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

CleverTap is an omni-channel platform used by companies to engage and retain their customers across industry domains such as travel, fin-tech, e-commerce, food-tech and hospitality.

You can load data from your CleverTap account to a Destination database or data warehouse using Hevo Pipelines.

Hevo requires the Project ID and Project Passcode of your CleverTap project, along with the Events file associated with the project and your account region, to access your data.

Source Considerations

  • CleverTap’s Get Events API currently does not support download of the following notifications-related Events:

    • Notification Sent

    • Notification Bounce

    • Notification Viewed

    • Notification Control Group

    • Notification Rendered

    • Notification System Control Group

    To ingest these Events, you can try an AWS S3 Export and then, create a Pipeline with Amazon S3 as the Source. This approach also allows you to build Transformations, if needed.

  • Event names in CleverTap are case-sensitive. For example, Tutorial Complete and tutorial complete are two different CleverTap events. Hence, if you create the CleverTap events file instead of downloading it, you must ensure that the event names in it are exactly the same as those in CleverTap. In case of a mismatch, Hevo is unable to ingest data from the Source.

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- Added the section, Schema and Primary Keys.

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