Hevo lets you load your CleverTap events to your data warehouse.

Pre-configuration Requirements

You must have access to your CleverTap API credentials to provide Hevo access to your CleverTap account. Read more about Getting your CleverTap API credentials here. Please note that your email address is not the Clevertap Account ID.

Connection Settings

Provide your CleverTap Account ID and Passcode from your CeleverTap account to download events. Check out Getting your account credentials for the detailed steps.

Please note that CleverTap APIs do not return an error when you provide a wrong Account ID. Hence, Test Connection might pass even if the Account ID is wrong.

CleverTap doesn’t provide an API to list all distinct event names nor does it provide an API to download all events at one go. Hence, Hevo needs you to provide a comma-separated list of all events you want to capture.

How it works

Hevo uses CleverTap’s Get Events API to fetch download and ingest raw events from CleverTap. Please note that the API provides data on a daily granularity and hence, Hevo fetches data at 3 AM (UTC) every day for the previous day.

If you wish to ingest data from CleverTap in real-time, you can create a Pipeline with a Webhook Type Source in Hevo and use CleverTap webhooks.

Last updated on 09 Oct 2020