Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads is Pinterest’s advertising platform for Business Accounts. It enables users to retrieve statistics about their ads, ad accounts, ad groups, and campaigns running on Pinterest.

Hevo uses the Pinterest APIs to replicate your Pinterest Ads data into the desired Destination database or data warehouse for scalable analysis. For this, you must authorize Hevo to access data from your Pinterest Ads account.

Pinterest Ads uses the following concepts to capture user interaction with your ads:

  • Conversion: Conversion is the process of a user interacting with your ad that subsequently leads to a action defined based on your ad goals. For example, signup, checkout, or an add to cart event.

  • Attribution: Attribution is the process of linking a current user action to a previous interaction with the ad. For example, a purchase made today may be attributable to an add-to-cart event a week ago, or a sign-up may be attributable to an earlier ad-click. The respective attribution window, then, defines the duration for which you want to capture the attributions. For example, you may generate a conversion report for checkouts attributable to ad-clicks in the past 20 days.

  • Ad-Action: Ad-action is the interaction or engagement of the user with the Pins such as clicks, reactions, or comments.


Configuring Pinterest Ads as a Source

Perform the following steps to configure Pinterest Ads as the Source in your Pipeline:

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.

  2. Click + CREATE in the Pipelines List View.

  3. In the Select Source Type page, select Pinterest Ads.

  4. In the Configure your Pinterest Ads account page, click + ADD PINTEREST ADS ACCOUNT.

    Pinterest Ads Source settings

  5. Sign in using your Pinterest Business account.

    Pinterest Ads Account

  6. Click Continue to authorize Hevo to access your Pinterest Ads data.

    Authorize Hevo

  7. In the Configure your Pinterest Ads Source page, specify the following:

    Configure Pinterest

    • Pipeline Name: A unique name for the Pipeline, not exceeding 255 characters.

    • Select Accounts: The Pinterest Ads account(s) whose data you want to ingest. You can select multiple Ad accounts.

    • Historical Sync Duration: The duration for which the historical data must be ingested. Default value: 6 Months.

    • Breakdowns: The granularity of time that you want in your report data. For example, you can break down the number of clicks by Week or Month.

    • Advanced Settings:

      • Attribution Windows: The number of days between a user’s responses on an ad. You can specify either one or both of the following:

        • Click Attribution Window: The number of days between a person clicking your ad and taking an action such as checking out an item.

        • Engagement Attribution Window: The number of days between a person engaging with your ad and taking an action such as adding the item to the cart.

        • View Attribution Window: The number of days between a person viewing your ad and taking an action such as visiting a page.

    • Conversion Report Time: The factor based on which you want to generate a conversion report. Default value: Time of Ad Action. You can select either of the following:

      • Time of Ad Action: Displays the conversion report as per the time at which a user action such as engagement with Pins, clicks, reactions, or comments occurred.

      • Time of Conversion: Displays the conversion report as per the time at which a conversion event, such as sign-up or add to cart occurred.

  8. Click TEST & CONTINUE.

  9. Proceed to configuring the data ingestion and setting up the Destination.

Data Replication

Default Pipeline Frequency Minimum Pipeline Frequency Maximum Pipeline Frequency Custom Frequency Range (Hrs)
1 Hr 1 Hr 24 Hrs 1-48

Note: The custom frequency must be set in hours, as an integer value. For example, 1, 2, 3 but not 1.5 or 1.75.

  • Historical Data: In the first run of the Pipeline, Hevo fetches the data of all the objects and the reports available in your account until the current date and loads it to the Destination.

  • Incremental Data: Once the historical load is complete, all new and updated records are synchronized with your Destination daily. For objects, Hevo performs full load to capture any data changes. For reports, Hevo incrementally fetches data as per the Pipeline frequency.

  • Refresher Data: Hevo refreshes the report data once every 24 hours.

Schema and Primary Keys

Hevo uses the following schema to upload the records in the Destination:

Data Model

Hevo fetches both objects and reports from your specified ads account. Reports provide metrics around your users, their interaction related details, and the performance of your Ads.


The following is the list of tables (objects) that are created at the Destination when you run the Pipeline:

Object Description
Ads Contains the details of the ads per ad account.
Ad Accounts Contains the details of the Pinterest Ads accounts.
Ad Groups Contains the details of the ad groups per ad account.
Boards Contains the details of the boards per ad account.
Campaign Contains the details of the ad campaigns available in the specified ad account.
Pins Contains the details of the pins per ad account.


The following reports are replicated as tables in the Destination when you run the Pipeline:

  • Ad Report

  • Ad Account Report

  • Ad Campaign Report

  • Ad Group Report

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