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Chargebee is a subscription management software that takes care of your billing requirements. It helps you launch and automate your subscription business with its invoicing, payment recovery, pricing management, and other solutions.

Chargebee hosts your account data in data centers located in the AU, EU, or the US region. However, Hevo can fetch your Chargebee data from any of these data centers, irrespective of the region in which your Hevo account is created.

Hevo uses the Chargebee v2 API endpoints to replicate your data into the desired Destination database or data warehouse. For this, you must provide Hevo with an API key to access your account’s data. Refer to the Data Model section for information on the objects that Hevo creates in your Destination.

Chargebee Sites

Chargebee uses a Site to maintain your account information such as your billing configurations, your product catalog, and so on. It assigns two sites to every account, and the information maintained in each of these sites is independent of the other. You can, however, transfer configurations between these sites. For example, you can transfer all your billing configurations from one site to the other.

The two types of sites in Chargebee are:

  • Test Site: The test site is a sandbox environment, and this is enabled when you set up your account’s domain and company name. Using this site, you can test Chargebee’s features such as billing configurations, creating plans, and customer subscriptions.

    A test site’s name is your live site’s name with a -test suffix. For example, suppose your live site’s name is abccompany23, and the URL is Then, your test site’s name becomes abccompany23-test, and the URL becomes

  • Live Site: The live site is your production environment, and this is disabled when you sign up for Chargebee. You can activate your live site once you have finished testing your setup, and are ready to start billing your customers in real-time.

Read Understanding your Chargebee Dashboard to know about setting up your test site and enabling the live site.

Source Considerations

  • Chargebee restricts API requests based on your Chargebee pricing plan, the site from which a request is made, and a limiting mechanism. The limit mechanism criteria are the number of requests made in a minute and the number of concurrent requests at an instance in time. If Hevo exceeds any of these criteria, data ingestion for your site is deferred until the limits are reset (approximately a minute).

    Read API Rate Limits to know the limits for your plan, and configure a suitable ingestion frequency for your Pipeline.


  • Hevo does not capture information for records deleted in the Source objects.

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