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Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

Intercom enables you to offer near real-time engagement and support to your current and target customers through a messaging like platform. Using Hevo’s Intercom connector, you can replicate all your Intercom data to your desired Destination database or data warehouse.

Source Considerations

  • The Intercom API retrieves only the latest 500 conversation parts belonging to each conversation.

  • The Intercom API indexes timestamp fields of the Contact object, such as created_at and updated_at, as dates. As a result, you can search for contacts based on these timestamps only by day, and not by hour, minute, or second. For example, if you search for contacts with the updated_at value greater than 1639126800, the epoch time for December 10, 2021 2:30 PM, all contacts updated from midnight of December 10, 2021 are fetched. This can mean re-ingestion of some Events, which counts towards your Events quota consumption.

  • It can take a few minutes for a newly created contact to become available for searching. Therefore, the “greater than or equal to <timestamp>” condition may not always be honored, and such contacts may not be retrieved in the API response.

    To avoid this scenario, Hevo uses a buffer of one hour while searching for the contacts.

  • The Intercom Scroll API allows only one connection per app to its Scroll over all companies endpoint. As Hevo uses this endpoint to go over the list of companies in an Intercom workspace and fetch data from them, it is subject to this limitation. If you have configured multiple Pipelines and they make concurrent requests to ingest data from the Company object in the same Intercom workspace, only the one that connects first to the Intercom app can successfully fetch data; the remaining Pipelines fail.

    Therefore, you should restrict the number of Pipelines created for the same Intercom workspace, or, configure them such that their ingestion schedules do not overlap.

Revision History

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Mar-05-2024 2.21 Added the ingestion frequency table in the Data Replication section.
Apr-10-2023 2.11 Updated section, Schema and Primary Keys to link to the new ERD with support for additional fields in the Conversation object.
Dec-14-2022 NA - Added the limitation of Scroll API to the Source Considerations section.
- Updated section, Configuring Intercom as a Source to reflect the latest Hevo UI.
Dec-09-2021 NA - Renamed the Limitations section to Source Considerations.
- Added the Source considerations about supporting only day-based timestamp values for querying the Contacts object and using a time buffer for the search to ensure all eligible Events are ingested.
May-19-2021 1.63 - Updated the section, Data Model to include descriptions of objects.
- Added the section, Limitations.

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