Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time tracking software designed for businesses of all sizes. It can help you streamline your work processes by providing you with insights into your daily routine as an organization. Toggl Track syncs all your entries automatically across different platforms such as a web app, a mobile app, or a browser extension.

You can replicate data from your Toggl Track account to a database, data warehouse, or file storage system using Hevo Pipelines.


  • An active Toggl Track account from which data is to be ingested.

  • You are logged in as an Admin user, to obtain the API token. You can also log in as a Manager who has Admin privileges.

Obtaining the Workspace ID

Hevo uses your Workspace ID to access the data in your Toggl Track account.

Perform the following steps to retrieve your Workspace ID:

  1. Log in to your Toggl Track account.

  2. In the left navigation pane, under the Manage section, click Projects .

    Toggl Track Home

  3. To get your Workspace ID, go to the address bar of your browser. Copy the 7-digit number in the URL, and save it in a secure location like any other password. For example, in this URL:, the Workspace ID is 6620119.

    Toggl Track Projects

Configuring Toggl Track as a Source

Perform the following steps to configure Toggl Track as the Source in your Pipeline:

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.

  2. Click + CREATE in the Pipelines List View.

  3. In the Select Source Type page, select Toggl Track.

  4. In the Configure your Toggl Track Source page, specify the following:

    Toggl Track config

    • Pipeline Name: A unique name for the Pipeline, not exceeding 255 characters.

    • Username: The email address used to authorize the user in Toggl Track.

    • Password: The password associated with your Toggl Track account.

    • Workspace ID: The ID of the workspace you want to ingest data from.

  5. Click TEST & CONTINUE.

  6. Proceed to configuring the data ingestion and setting up the Destination.

Data Replication

Default Pipeline Frequency Minimum Pipeline Frequency Maximum Pipeline Frequency Custom Frequency Range (Hrs)
1 Hr 1 Hr 24 Hrs 1-24

Note: You must set the custom frequency in hours as an integer value. For example, 1, 2, 3 but not 1.5 or 1.75.

  • Historical Data: In the first run of the Pipeline, Hevo ingests all the data for the selected objects in your Toggl Track account.

  • Incremental Data: Once the historical load is complete, all new and updated records for the Projects, Tasks, and Time Entries objects are synchronized with your Destination as per the Pipeline frequency. All other objects are Full Load objects, and their entire data is ingested in each run of the Pipeline.

Source Considerations

  • Rate Limit: Toggl Track imposes a limit of a maximum of 1 API call per second to ensure that their system remains stable for usage by all users.

Schema and Primary Keys

Hevo uses the following schema to upload the records in the Destination database:

Data Model

The following is the list of tables (objects) that are created at the Destination when you run the Pipeline:

Object Description
Clients Contains the list of individuals assigned to different projects. Clients can be linked to multiple projects, but each project must be linked to an individual client.
Groups Contains the details of the groups into which your users can be organized.
Organizations Contains the details of the organizations into which your workspaces are segregated.
Projects Contains the details of the projects associated with your Toggl Track account.
Tags Contains the details of all the tags used to organize your workspaces into multiple categories.
Tasks Contains the details of all the tasks assigned to users. Tasks allow you to keep track of what a user needs to do related to a project.
Time Entries Contains the details of the time entries submitted by users to record the time spent on their tasks.
Workspaces Contains the list of projects and tasks that are associated with the workspace.
Workspace Users Contains the details of all the users that are mapped to a specific workspace.


  • Hevo currently does not support deletes. Therefore, any data deleted in the Source may continue to exist in the Destination.

  • Hevo does not provide you with the option to select the historical sync duration for loading historical data. All the historical data in your Toggl Track account is loaded.

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