AdRoll is a tool used by marketers to show ads on various Social Media tools, such as, Facebook and Instagram, to people who are likely to click them, using real-time bidding. With AdRoll, marketers can add pricing strategies to setup retargeting, which enables them to remind their customers of products and services after they leave the website without buying, a feature which is not supported by platforms like Google Adwords.

For creating Pipelines using this Source, Hevo provides you a fully managed BigQuery data warehouse as a possible Destination. This option remains available till the time you set up your first BigQuery Destination irrespective of any other Destinations that you may have. With the managed warehouse, you are only charged the cost that Hevo incurs for your project in Google BigQuery. The invoice is generated at the end of each month and payment is recovered as per the payment instrument you have set up. You can now create your Pipeline and directly start analyzing your Source data. Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery.

AdRroll uses the concept of Advertisables, or advertiser profiles, that help you manage campaigns for multiple websites in a single AdRoll account. You can toggle between multiple Advertiser profiles and manage access and campaigns for each of these individually.

You can fetch reports related to users’ interaction within AdRoll, such as, reports about campaigns, ad groups, and conversions and replicate these to a database or data warehouse using Hevo Pipelines.


  • An active AdRoll account.

Configuring AdRoll as a Source

Perform the following steps to configure AdRoll as the Source in your Pipeline:

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.

  2. Click + CREATE in the Pipelines List View.

  3. In the Select Source Type page, select AdRoll.

  4. In the Configure your AdRoll Reports Account page, click ADD ADROLL REPORTS ACCOUNT.

    Add AdRoll Reports account

  5. Sign in using your AdRoll credentials.

    Sign-in to AdRoll Reports account

  6. In the Authorize Hevo to Access AdRoll page, click Authorize. This allows Hevo to access your reporting data.

    Authorize Hevo

  7. In the Configure your AdRoll Source page, specify the following:

    AdRoll Settings

    • Pipeline Name: A unique name for your Pipeline.

    • Report Type: The list of reports whose data you want Hevo to ingest, for the advertisables you select next.

      Note: A distinct object is created for each report of every advertisable you select.

    • Historical Sync Duration: The duration for which the historical data must be ingested.

    • Advertisables: The list of advertisables from your AdRoll account whose data you want Hevo to ingest.

  8. Click TEST & CONTINUE.

  9. Proceed to configuring the data ingestion and setting up the Destination.

Data Replication

Default Pipeline Frequency Minimum Pipeline Frequency Maximum Pipeline Frequency Custom Frequency Range (Hrs)
1 Hr 1 Hr 48 Hrs 1-48

Note: The custom frequency must be set in hours, as an integer value. For example, 1, 2, 3 but not 1.5 or 1.75.

  • Historical Data: The historical data is ingested using the Recent Data First approach up till the configured historical sync duration, but no earlier than January 1, 2017, as defined by the AdRoll team.

  • Incremental Data: Once the historical data ingestion is complete, every subsequent run of the Pipeline fetches new and updated data for the reports.

  • Data Refresh: Data for all reporting objects is refreshed on a rolling basis to update any conversions attributed to clicks for the past 48 hours, as AdRoll deems data to be finalized post that duration only.

Schema and Primary Keys

Hevo uses the following schema to upload the records in the Destination:

Note: Read Adroll API for the complete list of objects that can be created.

Data Model

Hevo uses the following data model to ingest data from your AdRoll account:

Object Description Primary Keys to create __hevo_id
Ad Advertiser-level, detailed daily report that fetches data for all organisations. eid, date, advertisable, campaign, in_adgroup_eid
Adgroup Ad group-level, detailed daily report that fetches data for all the target audience-specific ads. eid, date, advertisable, campaign
Advertisable Ad-level, daily report that fetches metrics for all creatives that are shown to target audiences. eid, date
Audience Audience-level aggregated data. eid, advertisable, campaign
Campaign Campaign-level, detailed daily report that fetches data for all organisations. eid, date, advertisable


  • None.

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