Pipeline failure due to deleted log files

Last updated on May 30, 2023
Applies to Oracle Source (all variants) Pipelines with RedoLog mode
Error Message Text(s) While ingesting data from the Source, one of the log files was cleared or deleted at the Source. This can lead to loss of data. Click FIX NOW to resume the data ingestion.

Error Summary

  • Hevo is not able to ingest incremental data from the Source.

Potential Causes

  • One of the log files was cleared or deleted at the Source.

Suggested Action(s)

  1. In the error displayed in the Pipelines Detailed View, click FIX NOW.

    Click FIX NOW

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Recover the lost Events by ingesting them as historical data. To do this:

      1. Ensure that the Run Historical Load option is enabled.

        Run historical load

      2. Select the objects you want to restart the historical load for.

      3. Click OK, FIX IT.

    • Skip the expired Events, and read the latest available WAL files. To do this:

      1. Disable the Run Historical Load option.

        Do not run historical load

      2. Click OK, FIX IT.

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