Deleting an Account

Last updated on Oct 10, 2023

If you are the Team Administrator of an account, you can delete it at any time. Hevo retains its details till the end of the ongoing billing cycle. If you change your mind during this time, you can contact Hevo Support and recover your account.

Account deletion is a permanent action. You cannot recover the account once it is deleted. Post-account deletion, you and all your team members lose access to the account. Furthermore, Hevo follows a strict policy regarding removal of all the data related to your account from our systems after the account has been deleted. This includes:

  • Any database and API credentials that you provided for connecting your Sources and Destinations.

  • Any OAuth tokens and service account keys used to connect your Source with Hevo.

  • Any payment details such as your credit card number.

  • Any billing information, such as billing history, invoice number, date, billing amount, and payment status.

  • All the Pipelines, Models, Workflows, and Activations created by your team.

  • Data in transit between different stages of your Pipelines.

  • Data at rest, which includes sidelined Events or data in the staging area that are waiting to be loaded to the Destination.

Note: Hevo’s payment gateway, Stripe stores your billing information for future references. You can contact Hevo Support to delete this information.

Deleting your Account

Follow these steps to delete your Hevo account:

  1. Click the drop-down next to your username in the User Information Panel.

  2. Click Team.

    Team Settings

  3. In the left navigation pane, select Delete Account.

  4. In the page that is displayed, click Delete Account.

    Delete Account page

  5. In the Give Us Feedback page, select the reason for deleting your account, or select Others to provide a different reason and then, click PROCEED.

    Give Us Feedback page

  6. In the page that is displayed, type DELETE to confirm the action you are performing, and then click Yes, DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

    Type DELETE

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