Hevo Trial Account

If you are excited by what Hevo can do for your business and want to explore its extensive features before subscribing to it, Hevo offers you a 14-day, free, full-feature trial period. As a trial user, you can simulate the exact environment in which you expect to finally implement Hevo. You can try out the product’s capabilities, test its performance, and understand how it can integrate with your existing data. During the trial period, you also have access to our Live Chat support to help you through any issue. Once you find Hevo a good fit for your data replication needs, choose from one of the available Pricing plans.

During your trial period, if you subscribe to the Free plan, you can only create Pipelines with free Sources. However, the Events you load from these Sources count towards your Events quota.

Trial Period Validity

After you register as a Trial User, you can see your trial period status in the User Information bar on the top right of the Hevo interface, as TRIAL NOT STARTED YET.

Trial not started till a Pipeline is created

The trial period starts once you create your first Pipeline in Hevo. From then, you have 14 days to try out the different features in Hevo. The trial status is changed to show the number of days to trial expiry.

Number of days to trial expiry

Trial Period Expiry

Once the 14-day trial period ends, all active Pipelines continue to load data till 12 a.m. and are paused after that. Subsequently, the Pipelines are deleted after 30 days.

Upon trial period expiry, you can:

  • Extend the trial period by contacting Hevo Support, if needed.

  • Purchase a subscription. Read about subscription options.

    If you re-log in within 30 days of your free trial expiry, you log into your old account. However, you need to purchase a subscription to be able to create more Pipelines.

Trial Account Expiry

If you do not create a Pipeline within 60 days of registering as a trial user, the trial account expires.

If you created a team in Hevo, it is deleted after 30 days of expiry of the trial account. Post that, you can sign up again for a new trial; however, your previous data is not linked to your new trial account.

Trial Account Deletion

As a team owner, you can delete your account at any time by navigating to User InformationTeamDelete Account option, or contact Hevo Support for the same. Upon account deletion, the data associated with the account is purged.

Usage Summary

The Usage Summary tab provides information about the number of Sources you have used and the number of Events you have loaded through the Pipelines. You can use it to understand your current and expected usage, and accordingly, select a suitable pricing plan.

usage summary

The usage information is updated every 24 hours.

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