Mixpanel is a user analytics service that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication with them.

Hevo lets you load your Mixpanel events to your destinations.

Pre-configuration requirements

You must have the Mixpanel API Secret to provide Hevo with access to your Mixpanel account. Read more about how to find your Mixpanel API Secret here.

Connection Settings

Mixpanel’s API Secret Key

Mixpanel’s secret key can be found by clicking your name on the top right corner on Mixpanel UI > Account > Projects > API Secret .

List of Events to Ingest (Optional)

Provide a comma-separated list of events to be ingested from Mixpanel. If left blank, Hevo will ingest all events.

How it works

Hevo uses Mixpanel’s raw Data Export API to download and ingest raw events from Mixpanel. Please note that the API provides data on a daily granularity and hence, Hevo fetches data at 3 AM (UTC) every day for the previous day.

Last updated on 09 Oct 2020