Mixpanel is a user analytics service that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication with them.

You can load your Mixpanel events to the Destination system using Hevo Pipelines.


You must have the Mixpanel API Secret to provide Hevo with access to your Mixpanel account. Read more about how to find your Mixpanel API Secret Key here.

Configuring Mixpanel as a Source

Perform the following steps to configure Mixpanel as the Source in your Pipeline:

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.

  2. Click + CREATE in the Pipelines List View.

  3. In the Select Source Type page, select Mixpanel.

  4. In the Configure your Mixpanel Source page, specify the following:

    Mixpanel Settings

    • Pipeline Name: A unique name for your Pipeline.

    • API Secret: the API Secret Key that you obtained from your Mixpanel account.

    • Events: A comma-separated list of Mixpanel events you want to ingest. Leave this field blank to ingest all the events.

  5. Click TEST & CONTINUE.

  6. Proceed to configuring the data ingestion and setting up the Destination.

Locating the API Secret Key

To locate your Mixpanel API Secret Key:

  1. Log in to your Mixpanel account.

  2. Select the project whose data you want to synchronize, from the drop-down in the top right corner of the Mixpanel user interface.


  3. Under Project Settings, click on the project name.


  4. In the Project Settings page, Overview tab, scroll down to the Access Keys section and copy the API Secret key.


Source Considerations

  • You can view all your Events and their properties from the Data Management section of the Lexicon tab. Select Events, Custom Events, Event Properties. Learn More.


  • To fetch particular Events, you must specify their names in the Events field. Else, Hevo fetches all the Events and their properties from your Mixpanel account.


Data Replication

Hevo uses Mixpanel’s Raw Data Export API to download and ingest raw Events from Mixpanel.

  • Historical Data: In the first run of the Pipeline, Hevo ingests the data of the past 30 days for the selected objects in your Mixpanel account.

  • Incremental Data: Once the historical load is completed, Hevo ingests the incremental data daily at 3.00 a.m. UTC.

  • Data Refresh: All reporting data for the objects is refreshed on a daily basis to ensure any updates to the data of the past day are synchronized to the Destination.

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Last updated on 09 May 2022