Hevo can replicate indexes from your Elasticsearch cluster.

Connection Settings

Provide your Elasticsearch cluster connection details on Elasticsearch Connection Settings page. You will have the following options in the connection details block:

  • Source Name - A unique name for this source
  • Database Host - Elasticsearch’s IP address or DNS
  • Database Port - The port on which your Elasticsearch is listening for connections (default is 9200)
  • Database User - The read-only user that can read the indexes.
  • Database Password - Password for the read-only user.
  • If you want to connect to Hevo using an SSH tunnel, check Connecting Through SSH. Else, you will have to whitelist Hevo’s IP addresses as listed here.

Job Settings

Here, you will be presented with the list of indexes in your Elasticsearch cluster. You can unselect the indexes that you don’t want to replicate. For every index, you can specify an incrementing field and a date field (which keeps the last modified timestamp for a document). If you specify the date field Hevo will be able to replicate updates happening to the documents in the index, otherwise, Hevo will replicate only new documents being inserted through the incrementing field. If both fields are not specified, Hevo will attempt to replicate the complete index at each run.

Last updated on 25 Aug 2020