Modify Text Casing

Last updated on May 30, 2023
Description: Convert string values to lowercase, UPPERCASE, snake_case, or Title Case.
Available Filters: Event Filters:
- Event Type
- Event Field

Field Filters:
- Field Name
- Field Value
Settings: Text Case: This can be To Lower Case, To Upper Case, To Title Case, To Snake Case.

Read Text Casing to know how the text is modified based on each value.
Transformation Considerations: None.

Sample Transformation

Scenario: For all Events of the ServiceFolder_fullsync Event Type, change the values in the type field to snake case.


  • Event Type = ServiceFolder_fullsync
  • Fields = All fields with name = type


  • Text Case = To Snake Case

Modify casing settings

Result: When you test the Transformation, the value in the type field is changed to title case.

Change casing

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