You can create a Target Salesforce database complete with the custom objects prior to creating an Activation, or create one on-the-fly if you plan to synchronize data with the standard Salesforce objects only.

Configuring Salesforce as a Target

  1. In the ACTIVATE home page, TARGETS tab, click + CREATE TARGET. Or, if creating it from within an Activation creation flow, directly proceed to Step 2.

  2. In the Select a Target Type page, click on Salesforce.

    Target type

  3. In the Add a Salesforce Target page, click + ADD SALESFORCE ACCOUNT.

  4. Select the Salesforce environment on which the database is hosted.

  5. Log in to your Salesforce account.

  6. Provide a Target Name and click CONTINUE.

    You can view the new Target in the List View. If you were creating an Activation, you return to the Map Fields page.

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