Pipeline Job Statuses

A job in a Pipeline can have the following statuses:

  • INIT - The job has just been created.
  • SCHEDULED - The job has been scheduled and will run as per the next run cycle which is based either on provided schedule.
  • QUEUED - The job is ready to be streamed and will begin streaming as soon as the resources become available to poll data from the source.
  • STREAMING - The job is fetching data at this instance from the source.
  • BOOTSTRAPPING - This is the first run of the job in the pipeline and it is actively fetching historical data from the source.
  • PAUSED - The job has been paused and will not fetch data until resumed.
  • SKIPPED - The job has been skipped and will not be streamed until it is included again in the pipeline.
  • AWAITING MAPPING - The job has been auto skipped by Hevo because it hasn’t been mapped to a destination table in the schema mapper.
  • DEFERRED - The job has been deferred for some time due to a constraint enforced by the Source. This usually happens when we hit API limits while calling an API provided by the Source.
  • FINISHED - The job has reached an end state and will not run ever again.
Last updated on 06 Mar 2020