SendGrid Webhook

Hevo can bring email activity data from your SendGrid account into your Destination. Hevo connects to SendGrid through Webhooks.

Add Webhook URL in your SendGrid Account

  1. Copy the generated webhook URL.
  2. Go to your SendGrid account, open Settings > Mail Settings in the SendGrid UI.
  3. Turn on Event Notification.
  4. In the HTTP POST URL field, paste the unique URL that you copied in step 1.
  5. Select the Event notifications you would like to test.
  6. Click the checkmark in the top corner to save these updates into your settings.

You can read more about how Webhooks work in SendGrid here.

Sample Event Data:

    "email": "",
    "timestamp": 1580102529,
    "smtp-id": "<14c5d75ce93.dfd.64b469@ismtpd-555>",
    "event": "deferred",
    "category": "cat facts",
    "sg_event_id": "P0onudGCXGlIhfAoy831Nw==",
    "sg_message_id": "14c5d75ce93.dfd.64b469.filter0001.16648.5515E0B88.0",
    "response": "400 try again later",
    "attempt": "5"