NOTE: The webhook service has been separated from the Pipeline execution environment to improve performance. As a result, the old webhook URL is deprecated.
Switch to the new webhook URL (provided in the Setup Webhook section of your Pipeline Overview page) before December 31, 2020 to avoid disruption in your data loading operations.

new webhook notice

Hevo can capture data on a REST endpoint through a Webhook source. The data pushed into the endpoint will be available in your warehouse in real-time.

Once you create a pipeline with a Webhook Source, Hevo provides you with an HTTP endpoint.

Below is a cURL example to send an event to a webhook URL endpoint

curl -X POST \ https://us-webhook.hevo.io/t/ABCDEF1234 \
-d '[{
        "event":"an event name",
        "properties": {
    }, {
        "event":"an event name",
        "properties": {

Please note that the payload to the URL is an array of event objects with two keys:

  • event: Name of the event
  • properties: Properties of the event as a JSON object to be ingested into the pipelines


  • Only JSON payloads are accepted on webhook endpoints
  • Size of the payload should not exceed 16MB

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Last updated on 01 Feb 2021