Purchasing Additional Sources, Models, and Events

Hevo informs you whenever you are near to consuming or have already consumed your quota of Sources, Models, or Events, through email notifications and alerts on your Hevo UI. At that time, you can:

Note: If you are subscribed to a Custom plan, choose from the options below or write to billing@hevodata.com for changes to the plan.

Add-On Sources and Models

As a Business Plan subscriber, you can top up your subscription of Sources and Models using Add-Ons. You can select either or both of the following:

  • Source Add-On Bundles of 10 Sources each
  • Model Add-On Bundles of 10 Models each

Add-Ons are billed monthly. If you are already on a Monthly pricing plan, the Add-On subscription is added as a new item in the bill. If your base subscription has any trial period left, the same is applicable for the Add-On subscriptions, and billing starts only after the trial period expires. If you increase the Add-On bundles in the middle of a subscription, Hevo charges you on pro-rata basis. Similarly, if you reduce the Add-On bundles in between a subscription period, the unused time is credited back to you in the next invoice.

Note: To address any immediate need, you can revisit your existing Pipelines or unused Models and consider deleting these to free up your Sources/Models quota. Deleting Pipelines helps free up a Source only if no other Pipelines are using it.

To subscribe to Add-Ons:

  1. Access your PLAN DETAILS.
  2. Click on Buy Add-Ons. If you have already subscribed to Add-Ons, click Add More. Buy Add-Ons
  3. Select the Add-on bundle and specify the number of bundles you need. Use + and - buttons to increase or decrease the count. You cannot reduce the no of bundles below what you are using.The total price of all the Bundles is displayed.

    Note: Your Add-Ons subscription is cancelled immediately if the quantity is set to 0.

  4. Click UPDATE.

On-Demand Events

Hevo warns you if you are nearing your Events quota limit or have exceeded it through alerts and email notifications. At that time, you can purchase On-Demand Event bundles to meet your processing requirements. Each bundle offers you 1M Events. On-Demand Events are charged immediately.

Note: On-Demand Event bundles can be purchased for all the subscription plans.

Purchase On-Demand Events

The On-Demand Events you have purchased are shown on the Plan Details page:

On-Demand Events purchased

For continued higher usage than your base plan, we recommend that you upgrade your plan or subscribe to more Events.

Last updated on 28 Dec 2020