Billing FAQs

Hevo follows a transparent and friendly pricing policy. It is our constant effort to ensure we reduce the expense for our customers.

To understand pricing on Hevo it is important to understand the following concepts:


Each record that is either updated or inserted in the database or data warehouse Destination is counted as one Event.

For example, in the case of a database Source, each row or document being inserted or updated in your database is replicated as one Event in the Destination.


A Source is a unique instance of an application from where you want to ingest your data. For example, Microsoft Azure MySQL, Google Cloud MySQL, Shopify, or Amplitude Analytics.

Please note that a Source is different from a Pipeline. You can create multiple Pipelines originating from the same Source. Read more about how Sources are counted for Billing.


A Destination is the data warehouse or a database where you want to move data through Pipelines.

Pricing plans in Hevo

Our pricing plans are listed on the pricing page on our website.

All plans in Hevo have the following components:

  • Base Price - The minimum amount you pay when you subscribe to Hevo. This price is charged irrespective of your usage of Hevo.
  • Included Sources - The number of Sources allowed in a plan. Above this limit, an additional charge is applied according to the number of On Demand (additional) Sources being used.
  • Included Events - The number of Events included in a plan. This quota of Events is reset every month on the billing date. Above this limit, an additional charge is applied according to the number of On Demand (additional) Events being used.
  • Models - Hevo allows unlimited Models in all its plans.

Is there a limit on the number of users in Hevo?

No, there is no limit on the number of users. You can add as many teammates as you want in your Hevo account.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

Charges for your plan and On-Demand Sources and Models are applied at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Any additional charges for On-Demand usage of Events is applied at the end of the monthly cycle.

Will rows loaded through Models be counted against Events usage?

No, rows loaded through Models are not counted against Events usage. Events usage is counted against the Pipelines only.

Will the initial load of data be free?

Yes, the initial load of the historical data is free.

Can I try Hevo for free?

Yes, you can try Hevo for free for 14 days. The trial account has no limit on the number of Events or Pipelines and has all the features enabled. In a free plan, you can only create Pipelines with free Sources.

Can I load data to multiple Destinations in a single Hevo subscription?

Yes, you can load data to multiple Destinations in a single Hevo subscription.

Do I need different Hevo subscriptions for my production and development environments?

No, you do not need different Hevo subscriptions for that. You can create Pipelines and Models for both the environments in the same Hevo account.

How can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan anytime from the Billing section in Hevo UI or contact our Support team to help you with it.

How can I make a payment on Hevo?

You can make a payment on Hevo through all major credit cards.

Where do I get invoices for payments?

You can view and download your invoices from the Billing History tab under the Billing section in Hevo.

Last updated on 29 Mar 2021