Source FAQs

What is a Free Source?

A free Source is one that does not count towards your plan’s quota of Sources. You can easily identify a free Source by the FREE badge. As with paid Sources, you can create unlimited number of Pipelines with free Sources. All you pay for is the Events that you load to the Destination.
Free Sources are available with all plans. However, in the Free pricing plan, you can use only Free Sources.

free source

How does the Merge Table feature work?

The Merge Tables option is provided in case of Database Sources. For MongoDB, it is referred as Merge Collections. If Pipeline mode as BinLog/OpLog/Logical Replication, and,

  • If Merge Tables option is selected, then:
    • Event Type name = table name, and,
    • The name of the database is added to each record.

      Merge Tables option is enabled

  • If Merge Tables option is not selected, then:
    • Event Type name = database_name.table_name
      In the image below, the database name table_name_compression is prefixed to the table name.

      Merge Tables option is disabled

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