About Hevo

Last updated on May 30, 2023

Hevo is a no-code data movement platform that is equally usable by your most technical to the completely non-technical and business users.

Hevo’s near-realtime data integration platform simplifies data integration challenges in any data analytics project. Using the Hevo platform, you can set up your database or data warehouse for analytics with minimal effort. Simply put, Hevo frees you to focus on data analytics without worrying about the data integration aspects.

Hevo’s multi-tenant platform leverages several components of Amazon’s AWS cloud for its infrastructure. The platform is designed to process billions of records and can automatically scale up or down based on workload needs. Hevo’s architecture ensures optimum utilization of system resources so that you get the best return on your investment.

The Hevo product is delivered through an extremely intuitive user interface that eliminates the need for technical resources to set up and manage your data Pipelines. Hevo’s design approach goes beyond data Pipelines. Its analyst-friendly data transformation features are well integrated into the platform to further streamline analytics tasks.

Hevo supports 100+ ready-to-use integrations across databases, SaaS Applications, cloud storage, SDKs and streaming services. With just a five-minute set up, you can replicate data from any of these Sources to a database or data warehouse of your choice.

Where the powerful Python-based and drag-and-drop Transformations enable you to cleanse and prepare the data to be loaded to your Destination, Models and Workflows can help you get the data into an analysis-ready form.

Hevo’s reverse ETL product, Activate offers you the ability to collate all the data originating from different Sources and loaded to the different Destination tables at one central Target location for further analysis.

The prompt, preemptive, and smart assistance built into the product provides you complete visibility and control over your data while helping you to minimize costs.

There are different type of plans to suit your requirements, such as, 14-day free trials, free and paid plans, and custom pricing solutions, all based on a transparent, usage-based pricing model. You also have options such as On-Demand Events and On-Demand Credit to handle any overages so that your data loads without any interruption.

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