Handling of Updates

Most of the destinations in Hevo are SQL data warehouses where the data is organized in tables. Due to the very basic nature of warehouses, they do not always support updating previously saved records. However, many of our users want to replicate mutable data into their warehouses for real-time analysis and therefore, being able to update previously saved records is important.

Hevo supports updating previously saved records through Primary Keys. If you define a primary key in a table in your Destination, Hevo does the following while loading a record into it:

  • If the record has the same Primary Key value as an existing record in the Destination table, it updates the existing record with the new one.
  • If the record has a Primary Key value not present in the Destination table record, it appends the record in the table.

The same is true when data is loaded through a Pipeline or a Model.

Last updated on 02 Mar 2021