What happens if I delete a Pipeline and re-create a similar one again?

Last updated on Jun 01, 2023

When you delete a Pipeline, the following elements are not deleted:

  • The data present in the Source

  • The data loaded to the Destination

  • Schema of the Destination tables

If, after deleting a Pipeline, you re-create the same Pipeline with the same Destination table, then the entire data is re-loaded into the tables created by the previous Pipeline. This increases the number of ingestions if you do not specify the position offset in the Pipeline correctly. Read more about position offset in SaaS and RDBMS Sources. You may also get duplicate records if primary keys are not defined for the Destination table. These duplicate records count towards quota consumption and are also billed.

Read Loading Data to a Data Warehouse and Loading Data in a Database Destination to know how Hevo loads your data based on whether the primary keys are available or not.

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