Change Datetime Field Values

Description: Add or subtract the specified amount of time from the given date value.
Available Filters: All Events, Event Type, Event Field.
All Fields, Field Name, Field Value.
Settings: Datetime Field: For example, Month.
Offset Value: Use a negative value to subtract the time. For example, 1 to move the month forward by 1, or -2 to move the month back by 2.

Read Datetime Field Values.
Transformation Considerations: - The date must be a valid date object.

Sample Transformation

The behavior of this transformation is illustrated in two steps:

  • Transformation 1: Parse Date from String.

    Event Type = ad_campaigns.
    Fields = All fields with name = created_time.

    This transformation changes the string time value 11:57:04 to time value 1614167824000 (the millisecond representation of the Java date object).

  • Transformation 2: Change Datetime Value

    Fields = All fields with name = created_time.

    Datetime Unit = Hour of day and Amount = 5.

    This increases the year value by 5 hours as 1614185824000 which translates to 16:57:04 in String format.

Change Datetime Field Value

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