Description: Add an If-Else block to branch the data based on conditions. You can then add respective transformation blocks for the True and False condition. If-Else differs from the normal filters, as you can create two transformations based on the If-Else evaluation.
Available Filters: All Events, Event Type, Event Field.
Settings: None.
Transformation Considerations: - The If-Else block branches the code to apply the transformation. You cannot currently merge the branches subsequently, and have to write the transformation for both branches separately.
- To delete the If-Else block, you must first delete its branches.

delete branches to delete IF-Else block

Sample Transformation

If the author is Galos, Mike, a new field status with value Discontinued is added. Else, the field price is renamed to discounted price and its value is changed to 0.9*price. The $self keyword is used to indicate the price field.

If-Else blocks


If-Else filters

The results in both conditions are displayed below:

If True:


If False:


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