Reauthorizing the Source Account

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In case of Sources that use OAuth for user authorization, you need to reauthorize Hevo whenever there is a change in the account or Pipeline configuration. Some possible scenarios where this may be required include:

  • Source failure during Pipeline execution due to reasons such as:

    • The account password was reset

    • The access of the user was modified

    • A new account was linked to the Pipeline

    • Email ID linked to the account was changed

    • The authenticated user linked to the account was removed

  • The Source configuration or the selection of objects and entities to be ingested was modified in the Pipeline settings.

Without account reauthorization, the Pipeline would fail to ingest data.

You can access the Reauthorise Account option from the Edit Source window:

Reauthorize Source Account

After account reauthorization, the Pipeline resumes from the last ingestion position.

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