Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

Hevo lets you load data from files in your GCS bucket into your data warehouse.

Connection Settings

Connect the Google Account having access to GCS bucket you intend to connect.

  • Source Name: A unique name for this source
  • Bucket: Name of the bucket from which you want to ingest data.
  • Prefix: Path prefix for the data directory. By default, the files are listed from the root of the directory.
  • File Format: Choose a file format. Hevo currently supports JSON, CSV, and Avro formats. Let us know if you need support for a different format.
  • Field Delimiter: Character on which fields in each line are separated (example: `\t`, `,`). Applicable for CSV files only.
  • Create Event Types from folders: For JSON and CSV formats, select this option when your prefix path has subdirectories containing files in different formats. Hevo, in that case, will read each of the subdirectories as a separate event type. Please note, that any files lying at the prefix path (and not in any of the subdirectories) will be ignored.

Things to know

  • Values in the first row of CSV files are treated as field headers.
  • Gzipped files will be automatically unzipped on ingestion by Hevo.
  • Files are re-ingested on updates.
Last updated on 03 Jul 2020