Activity Logs - Cloudwatch Sync

Last updated on Mar 07, 2022

Cloudwatch logs is an AWS managed service, which helps you to monitor, store and access logs and also run analysis on the logs. You can also use subscriptions to get access to a real-time feed of log events from CloudWatch Logs and have it delivered to other services such as an Amazon Kinesis stream, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose stream, or AWS Lambda for custom processing, analysis, or loading to other systems of your choice.

Read Amazon CloudWatch Logs for more information.

You can push the activity logs corresponding to actions, status-updates, and failures that happen on any Hevo asset such as, Pipelines, Models, and Workflows, to your Cloudwatch logs account. The document explains the prerequisites and steps required to integrate Hevo with Cloudwatch logs.


A valid log group needs to be created, where Hevo pushes the logs. You should also have valid AWS credentials (access and secret keys) of an IAM user who has CreateLogStream, DeleteLogStream and PutLogEvents permissions on the log group created.


Open Activity Log settings

Go to settings page from Hevo dashboard and open Activity Log tab.

Fill Connection Details

Click on enable and fill connection details:

  • AWS access key.

  • AWS secret key.

  • Region: AWS region of the cloud watch logs.

  • Log Group: Log group where Hevo will push the logs.

Test Connection

Test Connection lets you validate the credentials you have entered.

Save Credentials

Once Test Connection is successful, you can go and save the configuration.

Delete, Edit options are also available on the dashboard for you to delete or edit the saved Cloudwatch logs settings.

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