Activity Log

Last updated on Dec 15, 2023

The Activity Log feature improves your visibility into Pipelines and Models. The log provides one-stop view to watch all the activity that occurs within the account related to Pipelines, Models and Destinations. From failure at any stage in your Pipeline to successful execution, from ingesting data to syncing it with the Destination, from creating Models to their execution and failure, everything is recorded. This way you have better information and control over your data.

Activity log can be filtered based on severity. Upon selecting a specific severity level, all activities above the specified severity level are listed. Additionally, the log can also be filtered based on Author (the user who performed the action).

Severity of the log is decided based on the type of activity and indicated using different colors. The severity and type of Activity Log is as follows:

  • Low (Grey): Ingestion and sync of the records.
  • Medium (Yellow) : Successful execution of Models, create/update/delete Event for Schema Mapper, pause/resume/update Event for Pipelines/Models.
  • High (Orange): Temporary connection failures for Source/Destination, creation and deletion of a Pipeline or Model.
  • Critical(Red): Permanent failure for Source/Destination/Model.

Activity Log comes attached with each Pipeline and or Model. By default, the logs are sorted in a last-in-first-out fashion, such that the most recent activity comes on the top. By default the logs shown are of `Medium` severity and above.

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