Schema Mapper Actions

Actions for an Event Type

You can take actions on specific Event Types from the Schema Mapper overview page to control how the Events for these load to the Destination. You can access these actions from the Kebab menu provided in the Event Type row.

The actions include:

  • Skip Event Type: The Events for the Event Type are skipped and not loaded to the Destination. You can again include them by accessing the Kebab menu and selecting Include Event Type.

    Skipped Events in Schema Mapper

  • Reset Schema: The current schema defined for the Event Type is discarded and a new schema is generated based on the Events that load subsequently. The new schema factors in any transformations you have built on the data. Suppose you have done some corrections via transformations to remove unneeded fields or change the data type of some fields. You may want to discard the schema that was auto determined by Hevo and start with this new/refreshed schema. At such time, you can use the Reset Schema option. When you reset the schema, all existing mappings are also discarded.

  • View Activity Log: Hevo captures information about every action performed for the Event Type. For example, if you skip or include an Event Type or create mapping for it, the details are captured in the log. Click the Expand/Collapse icon to view the details of the action. You can filter the log based on severity of the action and the doer.

    View Schema Mapper activity log

Bulk actions

Select multiple Event Types in the Schema Mapper page to apply a bulk action to them. Using bulk actions, you can:

  • Map and un-map Event Types

  • Include and skip Event Types

  • Reset the schema for the selected Event Types

The Bulk Actions toolbar is displayed as soon as you select an Event Type in the Schema Mapper.

Bulk Actions toolbar in Schema Mapper

All the bulk actions that are applicable to one or more Event Types that you have selected are enabled. You can also see the summary count of the selected Event Types.

If you select more Event Types than which are visible on the current page, all of the bulk actions are enabled. However, the action is performed only on the eligible Event Types. Eligibility is decided based on the current mapping status of the Event Type. Hevo informs you if the bulk action did not get applied to any Event Type. For example, if you select five Event Types of which one is in Skipped status, and apply the SKIP bulk action, then Hevo displays the message, “1 of the 5 selected Event Types were not skippable at the moment.”

The following table lists the valid mapping statuses for applying different bulk actions:

Action Valid for Status Not Valid for Status
Skip Mapped, Auto Mapped, Unmapped Skipped
Include Skipped Auto Mapped, Mapped, Unmapped
Unmap Mapped Auto Mapped, Unmapped, Skipped
Reset Schema Mapped, Skipped, Auto Mapped, Unmapped  

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