Free Trial with Unused Sources

A Source that has not been used to create any Pipeline yet is referred to as an unused Source. As of Release 1.79, all unused Sources qualify for a free 14-day trial with unlimited Events usage. You can create unlimited Pipelines with one or more such Sources during the trial period for free. Any charges imposed by the Destination, however, would apply as usual.

You can filter the Sources eligible for a free trial by clicking on the Unused Sources category in the left navigation bar or the unused Sources link in the banner in the Select Source Type page.

Unused Sources

The unused Sources already under free trial are identifiable through the ONGOING TRIAL badge.

Unused Sources with Ongoing Trial badge

For Pipelines created with such Sources, the Free Trial badge is displayed along with the Pipeline number.

Free Trial badge along with Pipeline number

Events Usage for Free Trial Sources

Events loaded by the Pipelines created with Sources under free trial are not counted towards your monthly Events quota.

Free Trial Expiry Alerts

Hevo starts notifying you about the upcoming expiry of your Source trial seven days prior to the trial expiry date. You are also informed of the options available to you for continuing with your Pipelines.

Expiry alert of free trial

Post-Free Trial Expiry

Once your 14-day free trial of an unused Source is over:

  • If you have subscribed to a paid plan: Hevo counts the Events loaded by the Pipeline from the 15th day onward towards your monthly Events quota consumption. If this causes your Events quota to exceed the plan limit, the Events are sidelined. You can either upgrade your plan at that time or purchase On-Demand Events to continue ingesting the data.

    Event count if subscribed to a paid plan

  • If you have subscribed to a free plan:

    • For trials with free Sources, the Events loaded by the Pipeline start counting towards your monthly Events quota consumption.

      Event count if subscribed to a free plan

    • For trials with paid Sources, the related Pipelines are paused.

      Pipelines paused when trial ends

      At that time, you can either delete the Pipeline or upgrade to a paid plan.

      Option to delete the Pipeline or upgrade your plan

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