Fixing Unmapped Fields

Hevo displays a warning icon next to any Event Type that has the status of Mapped but contains one or more unmapped fields. During the Pipeline run, the Events related to these fields are marked as Failed until you map the fields to appropriate Destination table fields or skip them.

Follow these steps to fix an unmapped field:

  1. In the Schema Mapper Overview page, click on the Event Type having the warning icon to access the Mapping Summary page.

  2. Click Edit Mapping.

  3. For the unmapped Source field (marked with an orange warning icon), do one of the following:

    • Map the source field with a Destination table column. Read more about how to do that here.
    • Skip the field. By deselecting the check box adjacent to the Source field name, you can skip mapping it. If skipped, the data for the field is not replicated to the Destination table.

    Note: Hevo does not retain the data for skipped fields anywhere.


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Last updated on 17 Sep 2021