Facebook Ads


Hevo lets you load your Facebook Ads Insights data along with Core Objects into your data warehouse using Facebook Marketing API. Core Objects contains information about the Ads Data that’s useful for analysis. These are Ad Creative, Ads, Ad Sets, Campaigns Objects. Insights data contains performance data for every ad/ad set/ad campaign combination.

Let’s walk through steps for adding Facebook Ads as a source.

Access to Facebook Ads account to Hevo

Hevo requires the following permissions:

  • Access to Facebook ads and related stats.

  • Access to your Page and App Insights.

You can read more about these permissions here.

Connection Settings

You need to configure some basic details like:

  • Source Name: A unique name for your Facebook Ads Source.

  • Ads Account: It represents a business, person or other entity that creates and manages ads on Facebook. Select the Ads-Accounts associated with your Facebook account you’d like to pull data from. You can select multiple accounts.

  • Ads Action Report Time: Determines the report time of action stats. For example, if a person saw the ad on Jan 1st but converted on Jan 2nd. If you select `impression`, you will see a conversion on Jan 1st and if you select `conversion`, you will see a conversion on Jan 2nd.

  • Attribution Windows: Attribution Window is a period of time for attributing results to the ads. The windows supported are 1-day-click/view, 7-days-click/view, 28-days-click/view. The default is 28-days click and 1-day view. You can find more details here.


  • Ads Reporting Level: It is set to default to Ad level to help fetch granular data.
  • Ads Breakdown: It is not set in order to fetch data for all fields if required it can be grouped by the fields required using models.
  • Fields: Hevo will poll all possible fields, a complete list of all possible fields can be found here.
  • This does not support replicating data for reviews, pages, etc.