Scheduling and Running a Workflow

After creating the Workflow, you will be asked to define a schedule for the Workflow. It’s not mandatory to set a schedule at the end of creating the workflow. But until then the workflow will be in the “Draft” state.

Scheduling a Workflow

Running on frequency: You can use this to schedule workflow on a fixed frequency. You can set Workflow to run every X minutes or every X hours.

Running at an exact time: This option will allow you to define a specific time for the Workflow run. You have 2 options in this:

  • Daily: This will ensure that Workflow runs daily at the specified time.
  • Weekly: You can select weekdays on which you want to run your workflow at the specified time.

No Schedule: This will not set any schedule for the workflow. The workflow will only run when you manually run it.

Run it Manually: Once you are done with creating the workflow, and if you would like to run it manually, you can click on the “Run Now” option from the top right corner.

run now

Last updated on 16 Oct 2020