Scheduling and Running a Workflow

After creating the Workflow, you must define a schedule for it. Till then, the Workflow remains in Draft state.

Scheduling a Workflow

Running on frequency: You can use this to schedule the Workflow at a fixed frequency. You can set the frequency in minutes or hours.

Running at an exact time: This option allows you to define a specific time for the Workflow run:

  • Daily: The Workflow runs daily at the specified time.

  • Weekly: You can select the weekdays on which you want to run the Workflow at the specified time.

No Schedule: This will not set any schedule for the Workflow. The Workflow will only run when you manually run it.

Run it Manually: Once you are done with creating the Workflow, you can click Run Now in the top right corner to run the Workflow.

run now

Last updated on 10 Aug 2021