Using Schema Mapper

Hevo Schema Mapper shows the list of all the Event Types ingested from the Source, its mapping summary details, and mapping action that are applicable for each Event.

The Pipeline list pane appears on clicking the PIPELINES link from the left navigation menu. Choose the Pipeline you want to map and navigate to the Schema Mapper section.

Schema Mapper Overview Screen

The overview screen for the Schema Mapper provides a one-stop view on the Mapping status for the Event Types in the Pipeline.

This section will show all the available Source Event Types from the Pipeline.

Each row will provide the following info about an Event Type:

  • Name of Event Type
  • Destination Table Name (if already mapped)
  • Last modified time for the Event Type
  • Number of fields in the Event Type
  • Auto Mapping Status for the Event Type (Check Auto-Mapping Event Types for info)
  • Mapping Status for the Event Type (Check Mapping Statuses)

Upon clicking on a row, you will be redirected to the Mapping Summary screen, where you can map the incoming events to a Destination table. Note: Hevo validates the character count of the names of table and columns you create in the Destination to ensure it is within the character limits set by the Destination. Read Table and Column Name Compression

Last updated on 09 Nov 2020