Using Schema Mapper

Schema Mapper displays the list of all the Event Types ingested from the Source, their mapping summary details, and mapping actions that are applicable for each Event. You can use the Schema Mapper to map/un-map Source Event Types with Destination tables, modify the mappings, modify the schema, and also include/skip Event Types from being ingested. You can act on multiple Event Types at once using Bulk Actions.

To access the Schema Mapper:

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.

  2. In the Pipelines List View, click on the Pipeline for which you want to map the Event Types.

  3. In the Pipeline Toolbar, click the Schema Mapper icon to access the Schema Mapper Overview page.

    Schema Mapper Overview

Schema Mapper Overview Page

The overview page provides a snapshot of the mapping for the Event Types ingested by the Pipeline with the corresponding tables in the Destination. Each row in the page provides the following information about an Event Type:

  • Name of Event Type

  • Destination Table Name (if already mapped)

  • The last time the schema or mapping changed for the Event Type

  • Number of fields in the Event Type

  • Mapping Status of the Event Type

Use the overview page to do the following:

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Last updated on 23 Mar 2021