Release Version 1.52 (Dec-03-2020)

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Hevo introduces a brand new offering to close the loop on making insights and other data from the data platform easily available in operational systems like CRM. Currently, support for data movement from Amazon Redshift to Salesforce has been enabled. Read Hevo Activate.


Data Loading Progress

  • Provided the feature to view the progress of the data loading process through different stages in your Hevo Pipeline. Read Viewing Pipeline Progress.

UI-driven Transformations

  • Introduced a UI-based drag-and-drop setup where users can create and apply transformation workflows on the ingested Events. This feature is currently in Beta phase and enabled upon request. Read Transformations.


Microsoft Azure MySQL

Amazon RDS MySQL

  • Added support for Amazon RDS MySQL as an independent Source. Read Amazon RDS MySQL

Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL



  • Provided the option to create transient tables in the Snowflake Destination. Read Snowflake.

Documentation Changes

Hevo Activate (New)

Basic Concepts




User Interface

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